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Nobel Skull Scented Candle

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Nobel Skull scented candle from Anitha Schulman. - For those who like to dream away for a while Anitha Schulman has developed a luxurious scented candle that can take you on a peaceful inner journey, away to warmer latitudes. Inspired by the scent memory from when she as a child visited Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West, Florida. She has created the Nobel Skull scented with the aroma House Of Hemingway.

The scented candle gives a rich aroma of the mahogany interior and typewriter ink and a garden filled with green cypress trees, orchids and swaying coconut palms. A scent where the Caribbean meets the mainland. Sweet meets salt.

Light the candle, sit back, close your eyes, look within and feel how you move in the inner rooms. Perhaps you find yourself in a peaceful place where sea meets land? A place you can get to every time you need to unwind, gather strength and inspiration.

Nobel Skull Candle give you around 55 hours of quiet where you decide where the fragrance will take your senses. Treat yourself to an inner journey or give away as gifts to loved ones!

Good to know:

Material: 100% natural soy wax.
Scent: "House Of Hemingway" - a rich smell of mahogany, typewriter ink, cypress trees, orchids, coconut palms.
Burn time: Approximately 55 enjoyable hours.
Candlecup: Black glass with Nobel skull motif in gold and a golden metal lid.
Package: Luxury Gift Box in black with matching Nobel skull motif in gold and golden edges.

In order to achieve a burn time of about 55 hours, it is important to let the candle burn for about 2 hours the first time. It is the time it takes to get the melted wax to cover the entire candle. The candle melts then layer by layer instead of making a tunnel around the wick, which shortens the burn time.


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