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207350Wilfa Coffee Mill WSCG-2https://royaldesign.co.uk/wilfa-kaffeemhle-wscg-2https://az666937.vo.msecnd.net/67/b8aa418a-9e0b-4975-be4d-b9ab93650ba6InStock124.8GBP/kitchen/kitchen-appliances/kitchen/kitchen-appliances/coffee-grindersWilfa124.8

Wilfa Coffee Mill WSCG-2

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Wilfa coffee grinder is an exceptional coffee grinder with adjustable settings suitable for brewing all types of coffee filters.
You get the best coffee by grinding your own coffee beans! Wilfa can grind with five different degrees of paint. Choose between: Boiling coffee, filter coffee, press coffee, suede and aeropress.

"Wilfa coffee grinder is an exceptional coffee grinder with adjustable settings that are suitable for brewing all types of coffee filters. That is why I use Wilfa's coffee grinder to make the world's best coffee at home, "says Tim Wendelboe, winner of The World Champion Barista 2004 and again in 2005.
• For maximum aroma with mill grinder instead of knives, chop coffee beans.
• Set the timer in proportion to the amount of coffee you want to grind
• Five different degrees of paint

• 250 g capacity
• 5 different grinding levels
• Timer function
• Protection against overload of the engine
• Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center


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  • Depth
    200 mm
  • Height
    312 mm
  • Width
    155 mm

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