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Bruno Mathsson

One of Sweden's most famous cabinetmakers and designers, Bruno Mathsson was drawn to design at a young age and was quite possessed by chairs, working hard to achieve maximum sitting comfort. Bruno Mathsson is father to many beloved classics of design of today, such as the Jetsson, Eva, and Pernilla armchairs and the Superellips table.
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Bruno Mathsson

Professor Bruno Mathsson (1907–1988) was son to a fourth-generation master carpenter from Värnamo, Southern Sweden, and it was natural that he follow in his father's footsteps. He received a thorough education in the profession, gaining insightful know-how and a feel for wood and its properties at an early stage. Bruno was fascinated by furniture at an early age, seeing many opportunities for development in both form and function with the help of high-quality wood.

He began studying functionalism on his own in the 1920s and 1930s, borrowing books and magazines about the subject as often as he could. He became acquainted with Gustaf Munthe, superintendent at the Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft in Gothenburg, and soon boxes filled with books began to flow via train between Värnamo and Gothenburg. Munthe would later go on to play an important role in his future career.

Fascinated by chairs, Bruno carefully studied the mechanics of sitting and worked hard to find the perfect sitting angle. He also began exploring bending and gluing techniques, opening up new opportunities for creating wooden chairs offering both durability and fine details. After exhibiting his works at a few minor craft exhibitions, Superintendent Munthe offered to display Bruno's chairs at the museum. The exhibition was a complete success, leading to Bruno Mathsson's breakthrough and recognition as a designer in Sweden.

Since then, he has received countless awards for his works, having created outstanding classics of design, such as the Jetson, Pernilla, and Eva armchairs and the Superellips table.

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