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Paraffin- & Oillamps

Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879, paraffin lamps were an indispensable part of every home and paraffin lanterns were a must-have on every city street. Today, the paraffin lamp, also known as a kerosene or oil lamp, is no longer as important as it once was. However, paraffin lamps may still have a role to play in modern homes.

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Karlskrona Lampfabrik

Koholmen Kerosene Lamp, Brown


Oil Lamp H57cm, Gold
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Karlskrona Lampfabrik

Lyckeby Kerosene Lamp, Black

Karlskrona Lampfabrik

Koholmen Kerosene Lamp, Pink

Karlskrona Lampfabrik

Nattlampa Kerosene Lamp, Brass
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Benefits of Paraffin Lamps

Unlike candles, paraffin lamps produce no smoke residue, so you don’t have to worry about the ceiling or walls of your home turning black. They are also less of a fire hazard compared to candles, so they are a great emergency option for blackouts. Moreover, paraffin lamps exude no scent, so they won’t overpower the natural or artificial scent of your home.

Aesthetically, the warm yellow light emanating from the burning wick creates a warm and comforting ambience in homes. Even an unlighted paraffin lantern can lend a vintage touch to the atmosphere. As an added bonus, paraffin lanterns have incredible longevity. With good care, they can actually last decades!

Get a paraffin lamp at RoyalDesign today!

RoyalDesign carries a wide selection of branded lamps, ranging from brass lamps to glass lamps. If you’re looking for something that looks a little antique, check out the Nattlampa Brass Kerosene Lamp. Made from a combination of polished brass, nickel-plated brass and burnished metal, the beautifully crafted 24 cm brass paraffin lamp is a showstopper!

If you’d like to go even more authentic, the Lyckeby Kerosene Lamp might just be what you need. The model has literally been in production since 1884!

For something more portable, consider the 32.5 cm Holmegaard glass oil lamp. Made from mouth-blown borosilicate glass, the model comes with a practical handle that can be hung on trees, tents or balconies. The glass is heat- and impact-resistant as well, so it can handle the occasional accidental fall.

Visit us today to view more of our lamp designs.

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