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Are you looking for sophistication and elegance in your beakers and goblets? If you are, then it's time to browse our high-quality designs. Our shop online has a wide selection of popular Scandinavian styles that will enhance any home. Available individually or in sets, they also make perfect presents.
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Glass Family Goblet 20 cl
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Noblesse Goblet 35 cl, 4 Pcs
In stock

Malmö Porslin

Pi Beaker, 7 cm
In stock

Malmö Porslin

Pi Beaker, 10 cm
In stock

Malmö Porslin

Pi Beaker, 11 cm
In stock

Kosta Boda

Friends Again ED-22 Glass, Blue
Only 1 pcs left in stock

Kosta Boda

Friends Again ED-22 Glass, Pink/Green
Backorder item – est. to ship in: 2-3 weeks

A Beaker Or A Goblet?

A beaker is a flat-bottomed, straight-sided vessel instead of a chalice or goblet with its rounded bowl and a stem. While both were once made from earthenware, today we see them made from glass and crystal or even plastic for outdoor use.

Beakers have been found from the Bronze and Copper Ages. Their popularity as the general population's preferred drinking vessel is due to their shape and simple design. Sturdy and practical, they remain a popular choice for long cool drinks. Did you know beakers were often made out of concentric circles of silver that could be collapsed or extended? Perfect for long trips. 

The goblet or chalice is known to have been in use for over 600 years. Popular with the Romans, it was often used as a chalice in religious ceremonies. In the 16th century, it was the cup of choice for the landed gentry, usually crafted in silver. Glass goblets with their thickened bowls could hold hot or cold beverages and remain favoured today. We sell traditional and contemporary designs that are functional but also elegant and stylish. Our large goblets are also useful for serving desserts. Or use them on the table as decorative holders, filling them with chocolates and nuts.

Royal Design For Sophistication And Function

Our variety of excellent Nordic retailers curate our many different collections. They provide an affordable range of styles, designs and colours to appeal to every taste. Check out the special mouth-blown glass goblets or the beautifully crafted sets of beakers with motifs available at Royal Design.