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Picture Frames

Display your chosen images with our beautiful high-quality Scandinavian picture frames. They will not only enhance your paintings, posters or photos but add personality to your space. Each one offers stylish protection and a decorative edge to blend in with your room’s decor.
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Paper Collective

Frame Black Wood / Glass, 50x70 cm
Temporarily out of stock

Paper Collective

Frame Black Wood / Glass, 30x40 cm
Temporarily out of stock

Paper Collective

Frame Black Wood / Glass, 70x100 cm
Temporarily out of stock

Paper Collective

Frame Dark Oak / Glass, 70x100 cm
Temporarily out of stock

Georg Jensen

Elephant Photo Frame 10x15 cm
Temporarily out of stock

Picture Frames To Personalise Decor

You can find a wide selection of picture frames online at Royal Design. They will suit every style and taste, from sleek and sophisticated metal to traditional wood such as oak. Placing them is a personal choice, so get creative in your design! You do not only have to hang picture frames on the wall. Try free-standing them on tables and shelves or even leaning larger ones against the wall. 

Choosing your frame depends on several factors, with your image being the first consideration. Too heavy a frame could overwhelm and detract from the image. Think about the overall impression your chosen picture frames will make. Do you want them to complement your decor, form a contrast or make a statement? 

Styling With Picture Frames

When selecting your frame, think about the material you want. While glass picture frames are attractive, they can make your piece heavy to hand, and of course, they are not shatterproof. These work better for framing smaller pictures and photos.

If you are looking for a frame for a piece of modern art, maybe an abstract or black and white photo, then black metal works very well. They look sharp and sophisticated. Wood tends to bring warmth to an image—wooden frames lean towards providing a more elegant setting. However, you can use thicker designs for a more rustic style. 

Mixing and matching your framed pictures can make a super gallery wall. Or for similar prints, try pairing them but keep to the same shape. Rectangular and square picture frames are an eye-catching feature. Circular styles work better independently. Use large picture frames as a focal point or choose smaller sizes for a gallery wall. 

Frame Your Art With Royal Design 

However you want to use your frames, shop online with Royal Design to find the ones that will work in your home. All the picture frames we sell are from reputable retailers and range in size, colour and material. If you prefer to hang posters, then check out affordable poster hangers. We also sell fabulous open back, double glass frames and ones you can hang without nails. It makes moving them around a good deal easier!