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Spruce up your bathroom - 5 simple tricks

Autumn weather and darkness means more time inside and that's when it's high time for a little bit extra self-care in a cosy, inviting bathroom! In this guide we let you in on 5 simple tricks on how to get that relaxing spa feeling in your own bathroom.

1. Soft textiles

Wrap yourself in a large, fluffy towel after a long shower or give guests a luxe towel to dry their hands on in the bathroom. Soft textiles are an essential starting point for making your bathroom feel warm and inviting. A stylish bathmat is a detail that can add to the look and feel and, what's more, it will shield against a cold floor - particularly handy if you don't have underfloor heating. Invest in cosy bathrobes and fluffy, luxurious towels for that hotel feeling.

2. Luxe scents

A pleasant-smelling bathroom instantly creates a good ambience - those in the know, will surely agree! An up-market soap with matching hand lotion can make all the difference to your bathroom experience. And while we're on the subject, why not light a decadent scented candle when you have company - we promise it'll add that extra inviting touch to the bathroom.

Aside from soap and scented candles you can also introduce fragrance with the help of a diffuser or diffuser sticks. In our selection of room scents there's a whole host of possibilities for customising the scent exactly how you want it. Calming lavender, smoky oak, or sweet, floral rose? The choice is yours!

Towels from Lexington's Hotel collection
Meraki scented candles and fragrance sticks