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Decorate with lighting - room for room

Do you also find it hard to get the lighting right at home? This guide covers everything you should think about when choosing lamps for the living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen and bathroom.

Hallway lighting

The entrance to your home should be both practical and inviting, and the right lighting can be crucial when it comes to the impression your hallway makes. Adaptable and functional lighting is required in the hallway, enabling you to find what you need on dark mornings and for concealing any unsightly areas when you don't want them to be visible.

A dimmable ceiling lamp is ideal for those who like to be able to adjust lighting brightness according to their needs. To get the hallway to feel warm and inviting it can be a good idea to complement this with other sources of light. Here we give you some advice on what type of lighting works best in the hallway.

Alternatives to the classic pendant ceiling lamp

If you don't have a very high ceiling it can be best to avoid a hanging pendant lamp, and therefore a recessed ceiling light can be a good choice of ceiling light for the hallway. Recessed lighting gives good overall coverage and also lights up more of the ceiling, which will make the room feel more spacious.

Spotlights are another alternative to the classic ceiling pendant light. Choose a model with adjustable spotlights, so you can choose where to position the lighting. Maybe you want to direct the light toward your wardrobe or the mirror? Spotlights enable you to see better when looking in the mirror and capture more angles and contours than a classic ceiling light.

Make it homely with decorative lighting

A decorative wall lamp to complement a mirror or a picture helps to create space and makes a room feel bigger. Decorative lighting also creates a cosy feeling which is difficult to achieve with general lighting alone.

If you have space for a bench or a side table, then it can be nice to have a table lamp in the hall. This is a nice interiors detail which will help to set the mood. A portable lamp, which takes up less space, can be a practical solution for use on a wall-mounted shelving unit.