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7 tips for the perfect picnic

Picnic season is in full bloom and right now we're all about putting on fabulous spreads in the garden and blankets covered in delicious treats and beautiful details. Below are our best tips for how to pack for a fabulously luxe picnic, from coolbags right down to those extra special summery details.
1. What's a picnic without a blanket?

Sit nice and comfortably with the help of some beautiful seat cushions or spread out a large, comfy blanket. Make sure it's one with a special 'made for picnics' waterproof underlayer to ensure you're sitting comfortably whatever the surface underneath.

"For extra comfort and added luxury, bring cushions or foldable deckchairs to ensure you're sitting comfortably all picnic day long."
Quick, Fiam
2. Pack a bag for summer's best picnic.

Keep food cool in a smart and stylish coolbag. Add frozen water bottles to the bag that can function as icepacks. This will ensure food stays fresh in spite of the heat and you'll have more space in the bag for other things. The coolbag can also be placed in a roomy picnic bag or basket.


Cooler bags

Picnic bags

3. Serve drinks in style

Stylish and functional thermoses you can lay out to keep coffee fresh and warm, or use them as a water bottle to keep drinks cool on a warm summer's day. Tip: store ice in the thermos to keep it cool until it's ready to be enjoyed!

4. Bring the Moomins on your picnic!

Start your own, or expand an existing collection of friends from Moomin valley.

5. Set the table with durable glassware and plates

Invest in a made-to-last dinner service from Sagaform which will hold it's own on the ground or on a bumpy cycle ride in a picnic basket. Tip: Set the gold standard in picnic spreads and use cloth napkins and napkin rings - that way you don't have to worry about napkins getting blown away in the summer breeze.

6. Atmospheric lighting

Pack portable lighting in the form of cordless lamps, lanterns, or candles, and enjoy long summer evenings.

7. Store food and snacks in tupperware boxes.

In order to avoid taking too much packaging with you which you then end up having to throw away, store food in different containers with sealable lids. RIG-TIG'S Keep-It Cool container has a cooling element in the lid which can be put in the freezer and then be used to keep the container fresh and cool.

Don't forget:

  • Knives for slicing bread and vegetables with + chopping board
  • Bottle opener or corkscrew
  • Wet wipes
  • Rubbish bags
  • Sun cream
  • Mosquito spray
  • Cards or board games
  • Speakers
Now you're all ready to go off for a summer picnic!

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