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Pythagoras PLAY - Do It Yourshelf

Pythagoras PLAY is the shelving system from Maze which lets you make all the decisions. Let your creativity run wild and make it your own - or use it as it comes out of the box.

Step 1: Choose your shelf

Set the foundation

One Pythagoras Play kit contains two fir shelves, and four brackets made of recycled, powder coated metal. The brackets are available in four colours: black, white, brass and chrome. This is the foundation of your new shelving unit. Now it's all up to you - will you keep the shelves as they are, or reach for the paintbrush and give the shelves a splash of colour?

A clean and natural wood-on-wood pairing
A clean wood shelf contrasts nicely with a painted wall

Step 2: Personalize

Now for the fun part! Paint the shelf your favourite colour or make it match your wall, paint flowers or patterns. Don't forget you have the option of varying how the brackets are mounted - they can be placed in four different ways, depending on what you like.

Play with colour and patterns
Vary the appearance by shifting the brackets around
Make the shelf part of a playful interior design in the kids' room
"The untreated pine shelves are beautiful as they are, but are also a perfect opportunity for customization. You decide – do it your shelf!"

Slow Production

I över sex års tid har Maze arbetat efter en egen filosofi som de kallar Slow Production. Filosofin går ut på att undvika massproduktion, att använda så mycket återvunnet material som möjligt och att se till att produktionen sker lokalt (95% av produkterna tillverkas i Sverige) under goda arbetsförhållanden. Att arbeta efter denna filosofi innebär att mängden nya produkter per säsong också minskar. Maze vill istället se till att skapa hållbara produkter med en lång livslängd.

Gustav Rosén - the brain behind Pythagoras

Gustav Rosén got his degree in design and product development from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2009, and opened his own design studio in Stockholm five years later. Gustav views the world as an engineer, and doesn't think of designing a physical product differently than designing a computer system.

- It's about delivering an attractive and useful solution which appeals to your target demographic, Gustav says.

The article was published 2019-10-14

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