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Home Decor for small balconies

Home décor for small surfaces is often tricky. It might feel impossible to find suitable furniture and details for small balconies. Here are our best tips to decorating a balcony to enjoy all summer!
Choose mobile furniture

The trick to furnishing a small balcony is to free up as much floor surface as possible. At RoyalDesign we have a large selection of café furniture that is easy to fold up when it is not in use – perfect when space is limited! This year Fermob launched a sleek and functional balcony table that fastens to the railings. Or why not choose a table with a handle or wheels: easy to move around when you need an extra surface on the balcony.

Plant in balcony boxes and flowerpots

Save space by planting plants and herbs in balcony boxes that hang on the railings or add a bit of height with pedestals. If you are able to attach hooks to the ceiling, you can fit plants even in spaces where normal pots would take up too much space with hanging flowerpots. The Bau Balcony Box by Ferm Living is our summer favourite!

Set the mood with the right lighting

Nothing creates the mood as much as good lighting. Invest in beautiful string lights to trail around the railings or a trellis, or pick a table lamp to light up a specific part of the balcony. There are portable variants for the indoors and the outdoors in this category too, e.g. Balad by Fermob or Lucie by Star Trading. Opt for solar cell lighting to be kind to the environment as well as your wallet.

Stuff with cushions and plaids

No room for furniture on your balcony? Go for cushions and plaids instead to create a lovely little oasis. That way there is space for more people to enjoy hot days and cool summer nights. Furniture or no, the right textiles will give your balcony the final touch. They add colour and soften the harsh appearance that an unfurnished balcony often has. And who would not want to offer their guests a warm quilt to snuggle up in when the cold starts creeping in?

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