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LED lamps

An LED, or a light-emitting diode, to give it its full name, is one of the most common light bulbs in use today. This is mainly because it’s eco-friendly, but also because it’s a financially smart solution. An LED is hard to beat when it comes to providing the most effective amount of light for the least amount of power.

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LED Decor Filament G125 5W E27 300lm Dimmable Clear
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Star Trading

LED lamp E27 ST64, Plain Smoke
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Star Trading

Spiral LED lamp E27 G125, Smoke
In stock In stock

Star Trading

LED light E27 G125, Black/Pink
In stock In stock

Normann Copenhagen

Amp Bulb 2W LED EU E14 Clear
In stock In stock

Watt & Veke

Bulb Drop LED E27 4W
In stock In stock


Lampadina LED Light Bulb
In stock In stock

Design House Stockholm

Block Lamp LED Bulb E14
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Tube Clear Light Bulb LED H110 E27 4W
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Why LED?

There are many reasons to choose an LED lamp over other sources of light. To begin with, LED lamps have an incredibly long life. Most LED lights last up to 15,000 hours, which can be compared to the standard light bulb's 1000 hours. Additionally, the heat generation of LEDs is incredibly low, which means that from the energy the lamp produces far more light than heat. This way you do not have to worry about fire risk or fear of damaging sensitive materials. Last but not least, LED lights also do not contain any heavy metals such as mercury.

LED Lights - Use and Application

LED lamps have many applications. Thanks to their property that they do not get hot, they are perfect to use as cosy lighting near textiles. For example, in string lights with decoration or Christmas stars, LED is the absolute best option. This also applies to lamps with narrow lampshades that can come with the fear of fire risk.

LED light: dimmable and warm

Quite a bit has happened since the LED lamp originally arrived on the market. Many felt that LED lights were far too strong, cold, and even a little impersonal, but LED lights have developed over the years, and now they are available in both lower intensities and warmer hues. Many manufacturers have even added tinted glass to create different effects. An amber-coloured glass gives a warm, yellow glow, and frosted glass shines in a more round fashion. There are now even dimmable LED lamps, and they are very popular.

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