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Black Marble Coasters 4-pack, Nickel-plated Brass

Elegant and handmade coasters from Hilke Collection. Four marble coasters with a rim of brass, delivered in a nice box – perfect as a gift to a close friend. Hilke is luxurious Swedish design with its roots in Italy.
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Product information

Elegant and handmade coasters from Hilke Collection. Four marble coasters with a rim of brass, delivered in a nice box – perfect as a gift to a close friend. Hilke is luxurious Swedish design with its roots in Italy.

Made of 100% marble. All of Hilke's products are handmade, therefore irregularities may occur.

Care instructions from Hilke:

Good quality brass and nickel polishes may be used. – However, these polishes may be harmful to marble. Be careful when you polish the sides of the coasters. Use red glanol as brass polish and blue glanol for the nickel-plated edges.

Use minimal plaster on a paper towel or a clean dry fibre cloth and rub carefully on exposed places. Then finish with fibre cloth for extra shine. If there are deeper spots 2 rounds may be required.

Marble is a living and porous material and therefore liquid and foods such as wine, cheese, lemon, oil and other acid products will cause damage on the material - wipe of immediately.

Important information about marble

Marble is a porous and living stone material which means that pattern and colour changes can occur, each top is therefore unique. In order for the marble to maintain its beautiful surface, it is important to treat it carefully and follow the recommended care advice. Keep in mind that a polished marble top has a certain repellent effect on liquids, but despite this, it has a greater tendency to get visible etchings and matt spots when it comes into contact with acidic substances, compared to a matte marble top. We take no responsibility for any damage that may occur, all of with marble is at your own risk.

  • Marble is very sensitive to acidic liquids such as juice, wine and acidic cleaners, but also coffee, tea and soft drinks can cause the surface to be etched.
  • Marble can also absorb and get dark discolouration of oils or water during prolonged contact.
  • Always use underlays under porcelain, glass and hot pans.
  • Always clean immediately with a cloth or sponge when spilling to prevent damage to the marble.
  • Clean the stone top with a solution of water and a PH neutral soap and then wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Do not use detergents containing acid, vinegar, bleach, ammonia or other general purpose cleaners.
  • Impregnating marble is highly recommended. Sewing machine oil is not recommended as it darkens the stone.
  • Please note that the best way to treat stains or etching depends on the surface and colour of the marble and the substance that has caused the damage. Ask an expert for advice for your marble top.

Taroli - What is it?

Marble is a natural material that has been shaped in the bedrock for 140 million years, and when extracting the stone, it may occur small bubbles that have been formed which are usually a few millimetres in diameter. These gas bubbles are called Taroli and are usually refilled and sealed to the extent possible. You always want to preserve the stone's natural design and charm, which also means that there may be smaller water crystals formed naturally by the water that has flowed through the bedrock all these years.

Brass needs to be polished regularly to keep its polished finish. Otherwise, the material will get darker over time and stains may appear from moisture or fingerprints.Marble and other stone materials are natural materials. Every product is unique and will not look the same as another. There can be shifts in both pattern and colour tone. It is not possible to rely entirely on a product image. It absorbs liquid due to the porous structure, which means that stains can occur if not wiped off immediately.

About the brand


  • Item number
  • Delivery item number
  • Brand
    Hilke Collection
  • Freight class
  • Colour
  • Material
    Marble, Nickel plated brass
  • Packing Quantity
  • Diameter
    100 mm
  • Height
    10 mm
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