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Butter Knives

A handy tool for your kitchen and dining table, butter knives have been performing their practical task since 1637. Our collection of Scandinavian style butter knives are both elegant and functional. We sell high-quality cutlery from selected retailers, including the extremely popular wooden butter knife.
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Villeroy & Boch

Piemont Butter Spreader, 17,1 cm
In stock


Nobel Steel Butter Knife
In stock

Alessi Butter Knife
In stock


Butter Knife, Nature
In stock


Butter Knife, Black
In stock


Raw Butter Knife, Teak
In stock

Robert Welch

Skye Butter Knife, 14,7 cm
In stock


Functional Form Butter Knife, 8 cm
Only 1 pcs left in stock


Butter Knife 16 cm, Beige
In stock


Butter Knife 17,5 cm
In stock


Sheli Butter Knives, 4-pack
In stock

Ferm Living

Cairn Butter Knife 2-pack, Dark Brown
Only 4 pcs left in stock

Lou Laguiole

Tradition Butter Knives, 4-pack
In stock


Butter Knife
Backorder item – est. to ship in: 2-3 weeks

Robert Welch

Blockley Butter Knife, 16 cm
Temporarily out of stock

What Is The Point Of A Butter Knife?

The 17th century French Cardinal Richelieu disliked people cleaning their teeth with the point of their knife, or dagger, they carried with them. So, table knives were invented, and blunt tips and serrated edges became the order of the day. The only ‘tipped’ knife was the thickened rounded end of the butter knife. The design was often sabre shaped, and its original use was to take butter from a central plate to place on their own dish. Each person would have a knife so as not to contaminate the shared butter. 

Today the butter knife still holds the same function and is often known as a spreading knife. Their non-serrated edge is also excellent for spreading jam, honey, chocolate, soft cheeses and cream. Use a butter knife to spread these on bread, scones or biscuits, meaning you will not tear or break them. When would you use them? Every day in the kitchen to make sandwiches, if you are hosting afternoon tea, at a formal dinner party, or when serving cheese.

Find Your Butter Spreading Knives At Royal Design

We sell a wide selection of affordable butter knives from well-known Nordic designers. At Royal Design, these useful utensils are for sale individually and in beautiful sets. Our knives are made from various materials, including stainless steel with plastic, wood or ceramic handles. We also have butter knives made entirely from wood, including teak, oak and birch. Always useful, butter knives are a perfect addition to your table setting or will make an excellent gift for family and friends.

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