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Whiskey Glasses

For those relaxing moments, smooth drinks call for superior whiskey glasses and cognac glasses. The right ones maximise the taste, aroma and experience. Browse our wide selection of beautiful choices from vintage style to Scandinavian contemporary designs and affordable gift sets. Any drinks enthusiast will love these adding to their collection.
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Enoteca Cognac Glass 88 cl, 2-pack
Only 2 pcs left in stock


Bar Tumbler Cognac Glasses 4-pack, 17,5 cl
Only 4 pcs left in stock


Douro Double Walled Whiskey Glasses 2-pack, 30 cl
Only 1 pcs left in stock

LSA International

Cask Whiskey Glass 2-pack, 24 cl
Only 2 pcs left in stock


Carat Old Fashioned Glass 2-pack, 21 cl
Only 1 pcs left in stock


Carat Old Fashioned Glass 2-pack, 28 cl
Only 1 pcs left in stock

Rosendahl Copenhagen

Grand Cru Brandy Glass, 2 pcs
In stock

La Rochere

Blossom Whiskey Glass 16 cl, 4-pack
Temporarily out of stock


Alloro Whiskey Glass 29, 2-pack
Temporarily out of stock

Crystal Whiskey Glasses Or Chic Cognac Glasses Sets?

Choosing the perfect whiskey glass depends on what kind of tipple you enjoy and your preferences. Some like to add mixers, some splash it over ice, and others are cocktail mixologists. Just like the variety of whiskeys, our high-quality glasses are all different. Our glasses come in various sizes and shapes, from old fashioned whiskey glasses to modern, eye-catching nordic designs. You can also choose plain glass or crystal whiskey glasses, cut for the very best clarity and sparkle. 

Usually, you will find glasses for cognac are stemmed and tulip-shaped, allowing the aroma to develop and surround you. Cognac snifter glasses, or brandy bowls, have a short stem with a generous bowl and a fairly narrow top. Perfect for sipping, like our whiskey glasses, they allow the flavours to blossom fully. A crystal cognac glasses set is a chic addition to any home bar and perfect for entertaining. However, if you are looking for visual pleasure, you can thoroughly enjoy your drink in any of our styles of glass! 

Glassware For Drinking Experiences At Royal Design

Browse our extensive assortment of stunning brandy and whiskey glasses from a variety of popular retailers. There are classic crystal cut tumblers and modern, minimalistic designs. You will have numerous stylish options to choose from when you shop online with Royal Design. The collection includes whiskey glasses gift sets, often combined with beautiful decanters, for the perfect gift. Or why not treat yourself to some sophistication and enjoy a leisurely solo moment?