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Mulled Wine Mugs

On any chilly evening, nothing like mulled wine mugs full to the brim cheers you up and keeps you toasty. Packed with wine, spice, and fruit, it is a great choice any time of the year. Browse our wide selection of high-quality mulled wine glasses and cups for a traditional mood boost.
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Coffee & More Espresso Mug 4 Pcs 10 cl, White
Only 4 pcs left in stock


Taika Espresso Cup
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Taika Espresso Cup, Blue
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Wik & Walsøe

Julemorgen Mulled Wine Mug 2-pack, 15 cl
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Ellen Cups 18 cl 2-pack, Bone White
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La Rochere

Ouessant Espresso Cup 9 cl, 6-pack
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Ellen Cups 18 cl 2-pack, Green
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Bitz Mugs 6-pack, 9 cl
Temporarily out of stock

Exquisite Mulled Wine Mugs, Glasses And Cups 

The wonderful thing about mulled wine is that you can enjoy it any time. Whether you are relaxing with a good book or entertaining friends, it is the perfect aperitif. A warming drink that goes well with cheese and other snacks, it is made to be enjoyed. Spice with cinnamon and fruit for a delicious flavour. Sip slowly and savour the taste. Our Scandinavian style mulled wine mugs, cups, and glasses will add to the experience.

Traditionally, you serve mulled wine in porcelain or ceramic mulled wine mugs. Check out our affordable collection of gracefully decorated options. The shapes and designs can vary, but they all have a wider brim than normal, making it easier to drink. To protect your hands, we sell mulled wine glasses with handles, which are a great choice. You will also find beautiful glass mulled wine mugs and cups for a touch of elegance.

Warm Up Your Wine Stylishly With Royal Design 

Mulled wine is straightforward to make, and you can even cheat by using ready mixed spices. Add some garnishes like cinnamon, orange, cranberry and ginger to your wine as you warm it through. Keep large batches warm throughout the evening by using mulled wine jugs with heaters.

 When you buy online with Royal Design, our retailers ensure you have mulled wine mugs and sets to help you serve a delicious warming drink. Perfect alone or shared with friends.