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If you are a loose leaf tea enthusiast, then tea strainers make the most of your blend. Check out our beautiful and ingenious devices in different Scandinavian designs and high-quality materials. Whether it is a peaceful morning cuppa or afternoon tea with friends, they make brewing easy and improve the moment.
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Eva Solo

Tea Strainer, Stainless Steel
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Zone Denmark

Rocks Strainer
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Make The Most Of Your Tea With Our Accessories

Before the invention of today’s tea bags, strainers were the way we sipped our tea without swallowing the leaves. The traditional brewing method means putting the leaves into the teapot with hot water and letting it steep. When the tea was then poured, you savoured it, leaves and all. So, the tea strainer was invented in the 18th century to sit on the cup and catch them. Our tea balls and infusers can be filled with your leaves, allowing them to swim around and brew your blend without any leaves escaping.

You will find a wide selection of affordable styles in different materials, including the popular stainless steel strainers. They can be made from mesh, porcelain, bone china and even sterling silver. Strainers for tea are often ornate and decorated, making an integral part of any tea service. The designs of our tea filters and tea infuser pots allow the aroma and flavour to develop perfectly.


Beautiful Tea Infuser Pots, Balls And Strainers

If you are returning to the world of brewing loose-leaf tea, infusers and strainers from Royal Design make life easy. As a bonus, you can even mix your favourite blends for a unique flavour. Elegant tea strainers from our retailers are designed to complement your kitchen and your best tea service perfectly. We sell single-cup accessories just for you too when you shop online. They can be humorous, appealing or bring a hint of sophistication to your cuppa. Brewing and enjoying your favourite tea will be a whole lot easier!

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