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Sustainable brands

Under the category Sustainable brands, we have compiled furnishings for those who want to make active and conscious consumption choices. The products you will find here live up to more stringent requirements in terms of sustainability when it comes to material selection, production and working conditions.
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Esther Bag 2-pack, Natural
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Material choices & reuse

These days many brands are cutting down on the amount of resources they use by reusing large furniture, such as chairs and tables, which contributes to a more sustainable consumption chain. New items can be created with reused material from old products, and this makes the production process shorter. There is even a relatively new term, upcycling, which refers to reusing material from a recycled product to create a new item of higher standards and quality. This means that, e.g., old fishing nets or PET bottles can be taken care of, refined, and made into beautiful designer furniture. Here you will see classic furniture producers that have, throughout the years, made high-quality production with recycled materials and respect for nature and the environment their hallmark.

Production & working conditions

What its factories, manufacturing, and production are like naturally has a large impact on how sustainable a product can be considered. The products gathered here are made in certified factories with fair working conditions, many of which are in Sweden or Europe, making transportation shorter and more environmentally friendly.