Knabstrup Ceramics

Knabstrup Ceramics

Knabstrub Ceramics create pots, vases, plates and other ceramic items in beautiful colours and shapes. Through the years, many of their popular products and series have been developed in collaborations with well-known artists and potters.

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Rustic ceramics in beautiful colours

Knabstrup ceramics is a danish pottery company which was founded already in 1897. During large parts of the 20th century, the company has been the largest manufacturer of ceramic pots in Scandinavia, until the factory was shut down in 1988. During the long period when their factory was in operation, and many famous potters and artists have successfully collaborated with the company. Knabstrup ceramics has since been re-launched and in their product range you will find vases, pots and plates in rustic ceramics in many beautiful colours.